Beam Builders

About Us

Beam Builders Nigeria Limited is a registered Limited Liability Company, incorporated in year 2012 with the certfiicate of incorporation number RC1065154. With a major focus in infrastructure and property development in all 3 spheres of our society i.e. residential, commercial and industrial areas. THe company seeks to add value to the massive drive of development currently taking place in both rural and urban areas of Nigeria.

Our service covers the activities requried to plan, initiate and build new projects, refurbish/renovate and maintain existing facilities. The scope of services range from feasibility and viability studies, comceptualization, design, constructionm maintenance and real estate development/management.

Our mandate is to be active role players and part of the solution in combating the scourge of Unemployment, poverty and inequality that plagues our societies.

The core staffs of Beam Builders Nigeria Limited are all qualified graduate members of their respective professional bodies and are supported by other catergories of staff members

Our Mission

What make us unique and stand out in the midst of our competitors is the drive and commitment we foster and enhance in providing quality and reliable service, efficient and effective project management expertise, guaranteed completion dates and meeting production set targets.

Our Vision

Our number one priority is our client's satisfaction through the services we offer which will eventually make us the number one preferred company in the industry.

Our Values

Our Values drive our course with relentless pursuit:

  • *Customer and Employee Satisfaction
  • Professionalism in our work and conduct
  • Integrity in conducting business
  • Resilience to obstruction
    * Innovation in the field and;
  • Sustainability of all products and on the environment
  • Transparency and Accountability

Our Services and Scope of Work

  • Building Construction
  • Property renovations, Refurbishing and Maintenance
  • Road Construction
  •  Installations and Maintenance
  • Planning and Estimation
  • Land Survey

Making it Real
Fulling the purpose.